Lal Qalandri Dhaga by Wajid Ali Baghdadi – Dhamal video download

Lal Qalandri Dhaga – Wajid Ali Baghdadi New Dhamal 2019

 Celebrations begin on the 18th of Sha’aban, a month in the lunar-

based Islamic calendar marking the death date of qalandri dhamal Lal Shahbaz. Though it may seem odd to

celebrate someone’s death for his followers it is a day of joy: the day Lal Shahbaz died is

the day his soul escaped the cycle of life and rejoined Allah in heaven.

. Every year for at least three days unofficially more hundreds of thousands visitors descend

upon the Sufi shrine in the small town of Sehwan Pakistan. Pilgrims come to pay their respects to

the Qalandar a poet and one of the most important Sufi saints in Pakistan’s history.

The loving music and poetry of Sufis propelled Islam throughout South Asia hundreds of years ago,

and Lal Shahbaz is one of the most venerated of all. Lal Qalandri Dhaga

He welcomed those from all religions castes and creeds and the tradition continues.

Muslims are not the only ones coming to see Lal Shahbaz’s tomb; Hindus also embark on this Sufi yatra,

and the shrine is open to anyone of any faith.

Voice: Wajid Ali Baghdadi  Music: Haider Ali Papa  Director: Mauman Anees

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